Health Treatment SolutionsWorks for Patients

Awareness of options when pursuing treatment or finding a specialist is a frustrating problem for many patients who want to be an active healthcare consumer.

Health Treatment Solutions bridges that gap.

What we do:

Find Cutting Edge Treatments

Health Treatment Solutions is a market research and health survey provider working with patients to match them with the latest clinical trials, medical devices and treatments.

Our proprietary marketing platform has helped thousands of patients find cutting edge treatments and the latest in medical research to support their treatment plans.

We know the patient journey.

No matter the stage of your disease state - 

Whether you have been diagnosed, are recovering, or are simply researching based on family medical history, we can work with you to become a more engaged and aware healthcare consumer. We work with patients every day and understand the hurtles in advocating for yourself.

HIPAA Compliant 

Our proprietary database provides an opportunity for patients to share personal information in a safe and secure environment.

Caring Clinical Staff

An empathetic and knowledgeable staff of nurses is always available to answer your questions and match you to a best-in-class provider or a clinical trial accepting new patients. 

Survey and Screening Development

We design and integrate health surveys to help pave a relevant patient journey, regardless of a patient's disease state or awareness.

Areas of Patient Support

See examples of our work in the following industries: 

Genetic Testing 

Hereditary Cancer Support

 Health Treatment Solutions
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